InkQatar Supplies Recycling


Terms and conditions


Ink cartridges

Ink Qatar will accept ink cartridges providing:

  1. The original brand label must be present and intact. Intact means the label has no holes or tears in it and no obvious attempt has been made to remove the label.
  2. The print head has no visible signs of damage (i.e. small dents or scratches).
  3. The case should be undamaged and completely intact.

We can recycle the following:

Selected inkjet cartridges by Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Dell and Canon.

Please do not return any Epson or damaged inkjet cartridges.

Passing of Title

Ink Qatar shall assume full title of all items upon receipt.

Ink Qatar does not accept responsibility for any goods lost in transit or which are not accepted as receipts for any reason whatsoever.

Ink Qatar will arrange for the safe disposal of any items that do not meet our requirements.

Processing of consignments

Ink Qatar is unable to return any items to the sender, whether or not they are faulty or are requested to be returned during dispute.

Postage and Collections

Ink Qatar does not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to items during transit. The freepost envelope or label does not guarantee that the items(s) will be received in the same condition as it was sent.

Amendments or withdrawal

Ink Qatar reserves the right to amend or withdraw these terms and conditions without notice.