InkQatar Supplies Recycling


Cartridges we can recycle

Unfortunately, due to the technology, we cannot recycle the majority of ink tanks manufactured by Epson and Canon.

Cartridge TypeManufacturerPart No.Description
Ink Canon BC-02 Canon BC-02
Ink Canon CL-41 Canon CL-41
Ink Canon 2972B001AA Canon CL-511
Ink Canon 2971B001AA Canon CL-513
Ink Canon CL-541 Canon CL-541
Ink Canon CL-541XL Canon CL-541XL
Ink Canon PG-40 Canon PG-40
Ink Canon 2970B001AA Canon PG-510
Ink Canon 2969B001AA Canon PG-512
Ink Canon PG-540 Canon PG-540
Ink Canon PG-540XL Canon PG-540XL
Ink Epson C13T16214010 Epson 16 Black
Ink Epson C13T16224010 Epson 16 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T16234010 Epson 16 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T16244010 Epson 16 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T16314010 Epson 16XL Black
Ink Epson C13T16324010 Epson 16XL Cyan
Ink Epson C13T16334010 Epson 16XL Magenta
Ink Epson C13T16344010 Epson 16XL Yellow
Ink Epson C13T18014010 Epson 18 Black
Ink Epson C13T18024010 Epson 18 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T18034010 Epson 18 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T18044010 Epson 18 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T18114010 Epson 18XL Black
Ink Epson C13T18124010 Epson 18XL Cyan
Ink Epson C13T18134010 Epson 18XL Magenta
Ink Epson C13T18144010 Epson 18XL Yellow
Ink Epson C13T24214010 Epson 24 Black
Ink Epson C13T24224010 Epson 24 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T24254010 Epson 24 Light Cyan
Ink Epson C13T24264010 Epson 24 Light Magenta
Ink Epson C13T24234010 Epson 24 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T24244010 Epson 24 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T24214010 Epson 24XL Black
Ink Epson C13T24224010 Epson 24XL Cyan
Ink Epson C13T24254010 Epson 24XL Light Cyan
Ink Epson C13T24264010 Epson 24XL Light Magenta
Ink Epson C13T24234010 Epson 24XL Magenta
Ink Epson C13T24244010 Epson 24XL Yellow
Ink Epson C13T26014010 Epson 26 Black
Ink Epson C13T26124010 Epson 26 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T26134010 Epson 26 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T26114010 Epson 26 Photo Black
Ink Epson C13T26144010 Epson 26 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T26214010 Epson 26XL Black
Ink Epson C13T26324010 Epson 26XL Cyan
Ink Epson C13T26334010 Epson 26XL Magenta
Ink Epson C13T26314010 Epson 26XL Photo Black
Ink Epson C13T26344010 Epson 26XL Yellow
Ink Epson C13T04414010 Epson T0441 Black
Ink Epson C13T04424010 Epson T0442 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T04434010 Epson T0443 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T04444010 Epson T0444 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T04814010 Epson T0481 Black
Ink Epson C13T04824010 Epson T0482 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T04834010 Epson T0483 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T04844010 Epson T0484 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T04854010 Epson T0485 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T04864010 Epson T0486 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T05514010 Epson T0551 Black
Ink Epson C13T05524010 Epson T0552 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T05534010 Epson T0553 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T05544010 Epson T0554 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T06114010 Epson T0611 Black
Ink Epson C13T06124010 Epson T0612 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T06134010 Epson T0613 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T06144010 Epson T0614 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T07114010 Epson T0711 Black
Ink Epson C13T07124010 Epson T0712 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T07134010 Epson T0713 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T07144010 Epson T0714 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T08014010 Epson T0801 Black
Ink Epson C13T08024010 Epson T0802 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T08034010 Epson T0803 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T08044010 Epson T0804 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T08054010 Epson T0805 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T08064010 Epson T0806 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T08914010 Epson T0891 Black
Ink Epson C13T08924010 Epson T0892 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T08934010 Epson T0893 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T08944010 Epson T0894 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T12814010 Epson T1281 Black
Ink Epson C13T12824010 Epson T1282 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T12834010 Epson T1283 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T12844010 Epson T1284 Yellow
Ink Epson C13T12914010 Epson T1291 Black
Ink Epson C13T12924010 Epson T1292 Cyan
Ink Epson C13T12934010 Epson T1293 Magenta
Ink Epson C13T12944010 Epson T1294 Yellow
Ink HP C6615D HP 15XL Black
Ink HP C9351A HP 21 (Starter)
Ink HP C9351A HP 21 Black
Ink HP C9351CE HP 21XL Black
Ink HP C9352A HP 22 Colour
Ink HP C9352CE HP 22XL Colour
Ink HP 51626A HP 26 Black
Ink HP C8727AN HP 27 Black
Ink HP C8728AN HP 28 Colour
Ink HP CC640EE HP 300 (Starter)
Ink HP CC640EE HP 300 Black
Ink HP CC643EE HP 300 Colour
Ink HP CC644EE HP 300XL
Ink HP CC641EE HP 300XL Black
Ink HP CH561EE HP 301 Black
Ink HP CH562EE HP 301 Colour
Ink HP CH561EE HP 301XL Black
Ink HP CH562EE HP 301XL Colour
Ink HP C9364EE HP 337 (starter)
Ink HP C9364EE HP 337 Black
Ink HP C8765EE HP 338 (Starter) Black
Ink HP C8765EE HP 338 Black
Ink HP C8766EE HP 343 Colour
Ink HP C9363AN HP 344
Ink HP CB316EE HP 364 Black
Ink HP CB318EE HP 364 Cyan
Ink HP CB319EE HP 364 Magenta
Ink HP CB317EE HP 364 Photo Black
Ink HP CB320EE HP 364 Yellow
Ink HP CN684EE HP 364XL Black
Ink HP CB323EE HP 364XL Cyan
Ink HP CB324EE HP 364XL Magenta
Ink HP CB322EE HP 364XL Photo Black
Ink HP CB325EE HP 364XL Yellow
Ink HP C6656AN HP 56 Black
Ink HP C6657AN HP 57
Ink HP C6578A HP 78XL
Ink HP C6578A HP 78XL Colour
Ink HP CC653AE HP 901 Black
Ink HP CC656AE HP 901 Colour
Ink HP CC654AE HP 901XL Black
Ink HP CD975AE HP 920XL Black
Ink HP CD972AE HP 920XL Cyan
Ink HP CD973AE HP 920XL Magenta
Ink HP CD974AE HP 920XL Yellow
Ink HP CN053AE HP 932XL Black
Ink HP CN054AE HP 933XL Cyan
Ink HP CN055AE HP 933XL Magenta
Ink HP CN056AE HP 933XL Yellow
Ink HP C4906AE HP 940XL Black
Ink HP C4907AE HP 940XL Cyan
Ink HP C4908AE HP 940XL Magenta
Ink HP C4909AE HP 940XL Yellow
Ink HP CN049AE HP 950 Black
Ink HP CN045AE HP 950XL Black
Ink HP CN046AE HP 951XL Cyan
Ink HP CN047AE HP 951XL Magenta
Ink HP CN048AE HP 951XL Yellow