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Useful information

Environmental Policy


Do you deliver outside the Qatar?

Unfortunately we only supply goods to Qatar addresses


Can I collect my order?

What payment methods do you accept?

Is my credit card information secure?

Do you provide invoicing accounts for schools, local authorities etc?

I'm ordering for my business, can I open a credit account?

Yes, if you're a Limited company, a charity, or part of a government body, we can hopefully set-up a credit account for you.

Businesses, Schools and other Government bodies; please Call us for the application process or you can email the following details to us on your company letterhead:

  • Company/charity registration number
  • Name and contact details of the person responsible for payment, including email address.
  • Details of the products that you'd like to order.

Our contact number is 00974 33966611 or email it to We aim to respond to requests within two hours.

Please note that purchase orders must be for a minimum of 1000 QAR , and are payable within 30 days.

Our products

What does OEM mean?

OEM means 'Original Equipment Manufacturer' which means a cartridge manufactured by the same company as the printer.

Will using compatible printer cartridges void my warranty?

Major printer manufacturers sell printers at or below cost. They make their profits from selling the cartridges. Formerly, once you bought your expensive new printer you had no choice but to buy one of their cartridges after yours ran dry. By using compatibles you are cutting into their primary source of profit. Because of this, they will threaten to void your warranty if you use compatible cartridges. They are simply trying to protect their own interests anyway they can. It is however strictly ILLEGAL for them to do so. They CANNOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY simply for using compatible cartridges. There is no reason that you should not use compatible cartridges. They work and will save YOU money.

Will I Get the Same Number of Printed Pages From a Compatible Ink Cartridge as an Original Cartridge?

You will get at least the same number of printed pages from compatible Inkjet cartridges as you will get from an OEM Inkjet cartridge. Customers are reporting many, many more pages of print per cartridge over their OEM Inkjet cartridges.

I have received my cartridges, but my printer is not listed on the box

Each cartridge type is often used in many different printers, and you may find that your printer model is not listed on the cartridge box. If you are at all in any doubt, please contact us before opening the product packaging.

My printer won't recognise the cartridge

This can be caused by the contacts on the printer not connecting with your printer.

Try wiping the copper contact plate on the cartridge over with a slightly damp piece of kitchen towel. Make sure the copper plates on the cartridges are dry and place into the printer. When installed run your printers cleaning program 3 to 4 times for best results as this will clean the heads and push the ink through.

If the cartridge is not recognised turn the printer off, remove the cartridge and reinstall, pushing down firmly on the cartridge to make sure it is properly seated.

If you are still experiencing problems please contact us for further assistance

Returns and refunds

How do I return an item to you?

Before returning items to us we ask that you complete our returns form. We will then email you a freepost address.

For more information about returns you may like to read our 100% Money Back Guarantee and read our full Terms and Conditions

If you have any problems or need more help feel free to contact us.